Vlad's Dance Company


Vlad’s Dance Company is Richmond Hill’s most widely recognized studio in the competitive world. We are a family-owned dance studio and understand the importance of creating a safe supportive space for our students to grow and thrive! At our school, we aim to encourage a widespread love of dance, welcoming children of all ages and levels! Established in 1997 we aim to create a positive, welcoming environment which is encouraging for all. 

We have 4 studios and over 10 dance styles for students from ages 3-19. To ensure classes are suitable for those who attend, we offer a range of options across styles, age groups and abilities. Whether you are aiming for a professional career, looking to stay fit or finally ready to give dance a try, we have a class for you. The teachers at Vlad’s Dance Company have a vast range of experience across disciplines.


Recreational classes are for all ages and skill levels who wish to take class once or twice a week. Class sizes are always capped to ensure one-on-one attention. Every class gets to showcase their growth and skills in our themed end-of-year recital each June!


Our awesome Part-Time competitive program provides students from ages 6 to 18 with well-rounded dance training, performance opportunities, and a safe place to call their second home.


The Full-Time competitive program is for dedicated dancers who wish to take class many times a week as well as compete in regional and national competitions. Our dancers and choreographers continuously win top awards for innovative choreography, technique, artistry, and pure entertainment.



At Vlad’s Dance Company, our mission is to foster a life-long love of dance. Our team strives to provide exceptional leadership to our students building talent and developing life skills such as discipline and respect.

We believe a person never stops learning, and we work hard to ensure our approach extends to all our students, as we continuously offer new opportunities to our dancers. We instill artistry and teach with passion. Our students are storytellers – they learn how to connect with others, express themselves through movement, and are encouraged to find their own voice.

Every dancer deserves an exceptional experience every time they participate in a dance class. We’d love you to be a part of our studio and join our mission to positively reach our community through dance.


We are a Family

We’re stronger together and can achieve so much more when we work as part of a compassionate community.

We are Passionate & Fun

The more excitement and passion you put into your training, the faster your dancing will improve.

We are Determined

Discipline and self-motivation are critical ingredients of high achieving dance students.

We Believe in Ourselves

Having a big picture goal for life sets the trajectory of your potential, so set yours as high as you can.