Vlad's Dance Company


Introduce your little one to the world of dance with our “Twinkle Toes Ballet” class! It’s a delightful creative movement experience that encourages exploration, physical development, and imaginative play.

Through basic ballet and jazz techniques intertwined with fun activities, children will learn to express themselves through movement. With child-friendly music guiding their journey, they’ll discover different rhythms and moods. This class is the perfect introduction to dance, setting them up for success in any style they choose.

Choose us for a magical dance adventure your child will love! 

NOTE: Students must be turning 3 by Dec 31st of that year.

Benefits of Dance

Unlock the benefits of dance for your toddler with us! We offer more than just a dance class; we provide a nurturing, structured learning environment where children can grow and thrive. From improving fitness and coordination to fostering social skills and teamwork, dance offers a wealth of benefits. With us, your child will stay active, express themselves, and develop essential life skills.

From our minis...