Importance of Summer Training as a Dancer

Everyone needs a break in the summer! With recitals done and busy competition season behind us it’s time to recharge, revitalize and refuel before heading into the new season. Time to enjoy the family, play other sports, pool, and vacations. It is important for dancers to take themselves off of the matrix for a period of time in order to be successful at what they do.

However, deciding to do “nothing” over the entire summer is not an option if you want to excel in the art of dance. Even at the recreational level, keeping up skills gained throughout the season is important. There are many options for summer training for dancers ranging from fun summer dance camps to more intensive boot camps and dance workshops.

Finding the perfect fit for summer training takes a little research, scheduling and analyzing exactly what the student’s goals are. From the recreational to the highly competitive level dancer, summer training is beneficial in the following ways:

1. Allows the student to try a new genre or discipline
2. Improvement in skill and technical ability
3. Improving ability to pick up choreography
4. Meeting new friends
5. Experiencing different teaching styles and instructors
6. Using what you have gained during the year, not losing it
7. Building a resume for the trained dancer wanting to study dance beyond high school
8. Improvement in flexibility-prevent injuries!

Look at it like this, if you work all year to learn how to skip, get your splits, master your back handspring, or perfect your fouetté and then you take 3 months off completely, you are going to lose your investment! Protect your investment and find the perfect fit for you and your child. Talk to our VDC teachers for advice or recommendations. We would be glad to help!

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