Are your dance instructors trained?
Yes! We train and carefully screen and select our faculty. In Ontario, Canada there is no licence for dance teachers and anyone can open up a dance studio. This is why it is very important to really get to know your instructors and your studio. Reputation and word of mouth is your best guide. Most dance teachers will gladly share their bios and dance experience with you and many have videos where you can see their work. You are always welcome to observe a class. Just remember to ask the front desk first and not stop teachers in the middle or between classes.
How many students are typically in a class?
Depending on the age/level of the class we cap our class size at 15.  Creative movement classes are usually no more than 10 students and have an assistant to keep a 5:1 ratio. At VDC we think one on one time with the instructor is very important, especially at a recreational level. It is why we keep our classes small. Beware of studios who cram 20+ kids in one room, although it may be cheaper, your child is not learning anything being lost in the crowd.
How long are your classes?
45 minutes to 1hr.
How come there are no 45 minute classes for older kids?
We believe that over age 5, classes should be 1hr and only offer 45 minute  or combo classes for the youngest students. All classes begin with a warm up and then go into technique and choreography. 45 minutes is really not enough for older students to properly warm up and have time to learn.
What is the youngest age my child can start dancing?
As young as 2.5  Although not all 2.5 year olds will be ready. Not to worry, if they are not, you can always try again next year!
Can I see what my child is doing in class?  Can I watch my child dance?
Yes! There is a closed circuit video monitor in our lobby where you can observe all classes. We also have a special viewing week where parents are allowed in the classroom.
How will I know how my child is progressing?
We believe in open communication with all of our clients. You can always book an appointment with any instructor to discuss your child’s progress. We can talk on the phone or email, whatever works best for you.
What method of ballet do you teach?
At VDC we teach the Russian (Vaganova) method.
What is the time commitment for part-time competitive and full-time competitive?
Part time is 5hrs/week and Full time is 9hrs and up
What are the requirements to join competitive dance?
Call or email us to book an audition
What type of floor do you have?
We have wood top raised sprung floor in 4 studios and a Marley dance floor in 1. This way you have proper support for all dance styles (Marley is not great for Tap but is much preferred for pointe work)
Floor is VERY important. Community centers do not have sprung floors as they are mostly used for sports that require supportive footwear. Dance footwear does not have much support that’s why a good floor is a must! Jumps and leaps can be very damaging on your joints. We do not recommend signing up your child for dance at a place without proper flooring.
Where is your Recital?
Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts
Do I have to participate in Recital?
Typically yes, but if you are not able to participate, you can still attend all classes and shadow one of the dancers once the  choreography begins.
How do I register?
Best thing to do is to come in for a visit. We love to show off our beautiful facility and talk to you in person! You can also call or email us anytime.
Do your classes qualify for the child fitness tax credit?
Yes! You are able to claim up to $1,000.00 per child. Please visit Canada Revenue Agency for more information.

"My 11 year old daughter Marlee has been a part of Vlad's Part Time Competitive team for 2 years.During that time, she has gown up immensely as a dancer, been exposed to the benefit of working within a team environment and has been supported to challenge herself in ways that have built her self esteem, athlethicism and grace. She has been taught discipline and tenacity in a fun and safe environment and I never have to encourage her to go to class; she is super excited when it's a 'dance day'. Thank you to Vlad's amazing teachers for a fantastic experience"

− Lori Schwartz

"Thank you also for pulling us aside when we needed encouragement. We appreciate your sensitivity to kids' feelings and insecurities, and ours of feeling lost and unfamiliar. You all seem to really care about helping our kids succeed, in a healthy, human way, despite all the incredible pressures"

"My husband and I are so happy with the creativity, discipline, fun and caring that Julianne is experiencing thru Vlad's. She is fit, healthy, and is even more confident and socially thriving due to the nurturing environment here. She calls all her teachers 'dance mom's, dad's and uncles'. She looks up to the juniors and seniors, who know her by name and hang out with them in the hallway and change rooms. Her own group gets along well and always linger together after classes. We call VDC our kids country club"