Our Alumni

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Jordan Clark-Dancer

Winner of SYTYCD Canada, Giselle on “The Next Step” -Toronto, Canada

Rick and Jeff Kuperman

Directors/Choreographers for Stage and Film-New York, USA

Nicole Philippe


Jasmine Melrose

Contemporary Dancer-Rome, Italy

Mia DiLena

Dancer/Choreographer-Toronto, Canada

Michelle Chung

Contemporary Dancer- Mannheim, Germany

Aleesia Stamkos

Singer/Dancer- Toronto, Canada/Los Angeles, USA

Christina Kotsopoulos

Dancer/Dance Student-New York, USA

Christopher Baptista

Dancer/Dance Student-New York, USA

"My 11 year old daughter Marlee has been a part of Vlad's Part Time Competitive team for 2 years.During that time, she has gown up immensely as a dancer, been exposed to the benefit of working within a team environment and has been supported to challenge herself in ways that have built her self esteem, athlethicism and grace. She has been taught discipline and tenacity in a fun and safe environment and I never have to encourage her to go to class; she is super excited when it's a 'dance day'. Thank you to Vlad's amazing teachers for a fantastic experience"

− Lori Schwartz

"Thank you also for pulling us aside when we needed encouragement. We appreciate your sensitivity to kids' feelings and insecurities, and ours of feeling lost and unfamiliar. You all seem to really care about helping our kids succeed, in a healthy, human way, despite all the incredible pressures"

"My husband and I are so happy with the creativity, discipline, fun and caring that Julianne is experiencing thru Vlad's. She is fit, healthy, and is even more confident and socially thriving due to the nurturing environment here. She calls all her teachers 'dance mom's, dad's and uncles'. She looks up to the juniors and seniors, who know her by name and hang out with them in the hallway and change rooms. Her own group gets along well and always linger together after classes. We call VDC our kids country club"