About Us

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Vlad’s Dance Company, leading dance studio in Richmond Hill, Ontario, understands the importance of nurturing dancers at every level. Whether you want to enroll your child in recreational lessons or are interested in part or full-time competitive dancing, this family-owned dance studio will inspire you to leave it all on the dance floor.

Led by artistic director Vlad, who trained at the Ballet Academy (Vaganova System) and Rimski-Corsakoff Conservatory and is known for innovative choreography, Vlad’s Dance Company has an incredibly talented staff. Our instructors have years of professional experience, have competed around the world and been behind the dance scenes of various TV shows and movies. They are also truly passionate about fostering students’ individual strengths and assisting with weaknesses.

We are proud to have an impressive roster of alumni students who have gone on to have successful careers, including superstars such as Jordan Clark, winner of So You Think You Can Dance Canada.

With our numerous options, you will find something for you. One of the most popular programs at VDC is our recreational program, which allows anyone 2.5 years and older to realize the benefits of dance in a casual and creative way. Students are encouraged to have fun as they learn about musicality, self-confidence, discipline, posture, etiquette, grace, balance and more. This recreational program includes a range of dance styles (ballet, jazz, tap, Acro, hip-hop and contemporary) so that students may find their personal favourite. While the dance world is typically competitive, the recreational program ensures a focus on sheer enjoyment and self-discovery.


The part-time competitive program sees students train five hours per week in ballet, jazz, tap and hip-hop. The full-time program is more intense with dancers training nine or more hours per week and includes ballet, Pointe, adagio/partnering, jazz technique, stretch/body conditioning, contemporary, tap, Acro and tumbling, lyrical and hip-hop.

In addition to year-round programs, VDC offers additional options including adult classes as well as summer programs such as summer arts camp and birthday parties.

Vlad’s Dance Company is proud to create exceptional experiences for all our dancers, not only through our experienced staff and wide range of offerings, but also with our facilities. Raised and professionally designed dance floors, high ceilings that allow for more oxygen and a spacious layout guarantee that our dance studios are among the best in the Greater Toronto Area.

A warm and nurturing approach sets Vlad’s apart from other dance companies when it comes to training tomorrow’s brightest stars, helping kids to discover the joys of movement and encouraging all students to dance their way through life.

"My 11 year old daughter Marlee has been a part of Vlad's Part Time Competitive team for 2 years.During that time, she has gown up immensely as a dancer, been exposed to the benefit of working within a team environment and has been supported to challenge herself in ways that have built her self esteem, athlethicism and grace. She has been taught discipline and tenacity in a fun and safe environment and I never have to encourage her to go to class; she is super excited when it's a 'dance day'. Thank you to Vlad's amazing teachers for a fantastic experience"

− Lori Schwartz

"Thank you also for pulling us aside when we needed encouragement. We appreciate your sensitivity to kids' feelings and insecurities, and ours of feeling lost and unfamiliar. You all seem to really care about helping our kids succeed, in a healthy, human way, despite all the incredible pressures"

"My husband and I are so happy with the creativity, discipline, fun and caring that Julianne is experiencing thru Vlad's. She is fit, healthy, and is even more confident and socially thriving due to the nurturing environment here. She calls all her teachers 'dance mom's, dad's and uncles'. She looks up to the juniors and seniors, who know her by name and hang out with them in the hallway and change rooms. Her own group gets along well and always linger together after classes. We call VDC our kids country club"